Tuesday, May 3, 2011

big time: updates, explanations, & where do we go from here?

not going to lie: this blog has been like the red-headed-bastard-step-child of my life lately. You know what though? I don't even feel bad about it so there's no use for apologies. To put it mildly, I have had some major life changes and I just haven't had the capacity to post sketches and write witty verses. Culling inspiration from a life in complete upheaval felt forced and made me far to introspective, you know? Once I began to hold an evil grudge against my blog, I pressed pause. It has been so very nice to simply unplug. Happy to report: I am doing just dandy. So here's the brief on the goings on since October:

step 1: packed up all my belongings in upstate New York and schlepped it across the country (again) to Portland, OR

step 2: bought, moved into, and am fixing up a sweet 'lil 1938 cottage in the South Mount Tabor Neighborhood of SE Portland.

it's odd to see something that took 6+ month to "accomplish" squished into one sentence...this has been huge and will be a neverending project. welcome to home ownership... totally worth it though. also, is it healthy to have a love affair with a city? i don't care if not, i'll scream it from the roof tops: I LOVE MY NEW-OLD CITY, I LOVE MY NEW-OLD HOUSE, I LOVE my neighbors - all the people of Portland. y'all will just bury me in my backyard - i'm never leavin' this patch.

step 3: made a website for my design and illustration work!!! f.i.n.a.l.l.y... check it: www.cobbhoelzer.com

step 4-ish: changed my name. this one deserves some explanation. ok, so i got married and surprised myself by taking my husband's last name. i always considered myself a post-feminist gal, but i felt changed through the whole wedding process and really wanted to share a family name with the love of my life (this sounds cheesy because love is, deal). other 3 reasons i took the last name Hoelzer:
1. it means "people of the woods" which is sweet.
2. it re-connects me to my Germanic roots.
3. it has a "z" and the original spelling has an umlaut as in, Hӧlzer. 'nuff said.
ok, but then i didn't want to loose the "Cobb" part of my name. a lot of people just call me "Cobb" from my athletic days of yore and because of the super popularity of "Emily". seriously, in college i had around 10 friends named Emily and things would be too confusing if we didn't go by last names only...
oh and also i really dislike the whole hyphenated last name business. it looks awkward on the back of jerseys, business cards, name tags, etc. SO after hashing out my name dilemma with a friend, it was brilliantly suggested that i go by "Cobb Hoelzer" or "E. Cobb
Hӧlzer" professionally. i like this. artists need memorable names. another cool thing: "Cobb" is gender neutral... can't even began to describe how differently i am treated when there is ambiguity. people totally take you more seriously when they think you are a dude... i know it's messed up but there it is. sorry feminists.

so now we arrive at "where do we go from here?" the short answer: I don't know, still figuring it out. To be honest, I'm kinda over blogging. For the moment at least. After many months of soul searching I have realized life is short, time is limited, and it's important for me to spend it wisely. Right now I am too busy putting down my roots and expanding my portfolio. { p.s. exciting things are happening with Me and Bobby McGee! aaand more design gigs are steadily arriving on my plate } Taking time to put together posts and then having to network on the blogosphere is too draining and isn't really my talent anyway. I mean, I hardly generated a blip with this blog anyway so ending it is really not a travesty to humanity; blogging getting in the way of my art would be. Maybe within the year I'll start again, perhaps with an easy, less time consuming platform. (Blogger: you make me want to pull out my hair sometimes) Any suggestions? It would be super awesome to post from my iphone to minimize computer screen slavery, I mean, time. How 'bout tumblr? flickr? God forbid "twatter"... ideas are helpful from those of you more technologically prone.

in conclusion, life is good! I am busy making things again. Please check out my website to stay updated if you are so inclined. For now "emily's eye" will remain a time capsule/journal from my 2009 & 2010 life. In the meantime you can post questions and comments here or shot me an email. i heart feedback.

peace out, be well & live free!!!