Monday, October 11, 2010

sneak peak: me & bobby mcgee

so here's the story:
i have a wonderfully zany friend from the high school days of yore, known then as megan blen. flash forward several years: megan now has an equally wonderful & zany husband, chad coenson.
chad happens to have an incredible knack for prose and story telling and thus, wrote a novel (among many other things).

over a year ago he asked me to do some illustrations for the piece and after many, many months of procrastination i finally did so. in the meantime, chad found a publisher for the book which has since kicked this "side project" into high gear. and no, this is not a children's book... in fact, it is quite the opposite: best described as a social satire-thriller. ladies and gents, may i introduce to you the stupendous, mystifying, and slightly offensive:
Me & Bobby Mcgee
written by Chad Coenson with illustrations by yours truly: E. Cobb Hölzer (more on the name change later).

this book is available for purchase right now (!) via a couple "small scale" sellers... not sure if you've heard of barnes & noble or amazon, but yeah you can get your very own copy there. i hear the book makes a great stocking stuffer. (wink, wink, nudge, nudge.)
to entice you further, here are the finished illustrations available for your viewing pleasure:

the small viewing scale really doesn't do the drawings justice. in the coming months there will be large scale prints available for purchase as well. i will keep y'all posted!

{please keep in mind that these illustrations are under copyright, with a big ol' © if you would like to post them, copy them, etc, please ask me: reproduction with out permission is not only illegal, but rude... and karma will curse you in the worst way.}

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