Thursday, August 5, 2010

i eat lobsters on occasion.

here's part two of the honeymoon's pretty much mandatory to feast on lobster when in maine - where it is amazingly fresh and cheap(er).
might i add, eating a whole lobster is an important carnivorous experience: seeing the lobster's beady little eye's staring at you as you dismember and devour their meat makes you realize that you are eating a real creature and not some ambiguous hunk that is shrink wrapped over styrofoam a'la factory meat. no sir, this is the real thing... and it was divine!

well, here goes...

crustaceans kinda look like giant insects, no?

not too sure about this tomalley business (the crazy green stuff resembling gak) - its pretty darn fishy. although, i found it much improved by spreading it on bread with copious amounts of butter, salt and lemon juice.

scraping and sucking for the last bits of scrumptious-ness...


the print clippings are from a place-mat i commandeered at j's oyster bar in Portland - love the retro-nautical look of it. the lobster i am eating here was had at a lobster pound in Bar Harbor... forgot the name- opps.
oh, and documentation of the feast was taken by the new hubby, Bill Hoelzer.


  1. This.Is.Hilarious.
    I tell people here in Singapore that I make my food talk and that I picked up this habit from you. I do recall an incident in Hawaii where you seriously disturbed the surrounding dinner tables with a story about your Lobster's family and his untimely death.

  2. I just remember that you girls decided to name the lobsters in Hawaii and then no one wanted to eat them-including me!