Monday, July 12, 2010 on seasonal fruits - a cautionary tale

as it turns out, upstate ny has amazing farmer's markets in the summer. in fact summers up here are beautiful - who knew? it's incredible to think that after spending 6 torturous winters in the region this is my first summer. (i would always migrate back to the west coast for summers - where my heart and family reside.) anyway, back to food...

my ultimate fav in summer fruits are in season: black cherries ! at the market, i excitedly bought a very large basket of them (a couple pounds at least) and nested them neatly in a bowl on the kitchen counter. apparently this was too inviting of a presentation - or more likely - easy access. i managed to mindlessly devour the majority of my purchase within a couple hours. they were just so juicy and sumptuous that i couldn't stop myself. even later, as i laid incapacitated, with purple stained fingers trying to grasp at the last cloying remains in the bowl, i knew i may have out done myself. yet i managed to to cram even a few more into my pulpy, drippy maw. not a pretty picture. i was seduced i tell you! i paid dearly for my actions the next day. let's just say i don't think i have ever been so sick from overindulgence of fruit. it is no bueno. word to the wise: only buy small quantities of black cherries... because you can never just have one.

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