Wednesday, July 28, 2010

a maine-ly inspired honeymoon

ok cheesy title i know, but its fitting. plus everywhere we went signs stated "maine-ly lobsters, maine-ly gas, maine-ly this, maine-ly that... yea yea maine, we get it: you're sooo frickin' punny. however, maine can get away with it because it was one of the most beautifully enchanting places i've ever been (and that's saying a lot).

the maine segment of our honeymoon went as follows:

two utterly indulgent and relaxing in days at inn by the sea - an exquisite boutique inn on the coast of cape elizabeth. when traveling, i typically stay at a campsite, hostel, or couch surf it - so having a turn down service complete with a wee chocolate was nothing short of divine. the marble shower had multiple shower heads along the walls so that water shot out horizontally from all directions and we had a fireplace in our room that ignited instantly when you flipped a switch.... spoiled.

out on the garden lawn, there was a bonfire nightly - s'mores included, not to mention a peaceful wooded path down to the private beach. i even got spoiled with a spa day complete with a totally de-stressing massage - i was so relaxed and pampered i left the inn feeling as fluid and cool as maine's coastal views.

next up: we stopped into the spirited city of portland for their annual street festival. what a wonderful ruckus!

in the p-town of the east, we imbibed in tasty local brews (shipyard is a real standout) dined on fresh oysters, and even had fries cooked in duck fat ridiculous

there's so much to see, do, and eat in portland, one could spend a couple days there at least, but we weren't after a cityscape so...

a day later we took a meandering drive along the coast up to acadia national park where we camped at the otter creek campsite for a couple days while exploring the splendor of the park.

there is such a diversity of hikes available: boulder scrambling along the coast, flat- shaded lake loops (my style), and mountain summits of which "the bill" favors. The touristy town of Bar Harbor is close to the campground so there are ample opportunities to enjoy fresh caught sea food. (that's a whole separate post to come).

after acadia, we swooped down to portsmouth, new hampshire (yet another post) thus concluding our time in maine. i already want to go back! driving away, i was having fantasies of renting a little cottage surrounded by lupines off a rocky coast... for a month, you know as an artist's retreat... not so realistic/feasible, but ahhh a girl can dream right?

{the majority of these pictures where taken by the talented Bill Hoelzer aka my hubby}

Thursday, July 15, 2010

beware of sea creature

random interpretation of an octopus-inspired-sea-creature i made...

Monday, July 12, 2010 on seasonal fruits - a cautionary tale

as it turns out, upstate ny has amazing farmer's markets in the summer. in fact summers up here are beautiful - who knew? it's incredible to think that after spending 6 torturous winters in the region this is my first summer. (i would always migrate back to the west coast for summers - where my heart and family reside.) anyway, back to food...

my ultimate fav in summer fruits are in season: black cherries ! at the market, i excitedly bought a very large basket of them (a couple pounds at least) and nested them neatly in a bowl on the kitchen counter. apparently this was too inviting of a presentation - or more likely - easy access. i managed to mindlessly devour the majority of my purchase within a couple hours. they were just so juicy and sumptuous that i couldn't stop myself. even later, as i laid incapacitated, with purple stained fingers trying to grasp at the last cloying remains in the bowl, i knew i may have out done myself. yet i managed to to cram even a few more into my pulpy, drippy maw. not a pretty picture. i was seduced i tell you! i paid dearly for my actions the next day. let's just say i don't think i have ever been so sick from overindulgence of fruit. it is no bueno. word to the wise: only buy small quantities of black cherries... because you can never just have one.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

to travel is to move...

well, i'm still getting myself situated after over month of being on the road. which reminds me, i made this video last summer about how traveling has shaped my perspective on life. i'm still in that head space, so i figure i'll just show you: