Wednesday, May 26, 2010

sketches from the road + my life as a crazed-crafter

my poor, little neglected blog....

sadly it's been weeks since i last posted. however, i won't apologize. i've been traveling all over this country visiting friend & family PLUS i'm getting married in 9 days!!!
confession: i'm a little ridiculous with the wedding craft projects right now- like a feral version of martha steward. not kidding. my typical day lately: coffee, craft, coffee, craft, coffee, craft... maybe sleep, maybe cold pizza. so basically, i've been in "creation mode", rather than blogging about creation, if you get my drift.
i'm having a blast making stuff. so much so, that im thinking about going into it professionally after this is all said and done. ha! never in a million years, would i guess i'd be entertaining the idea of getting into the bridal industry. i'm definitely counting my chickens too early, well see how next weekend goes... but, seriously - i've been making good stuff people. get pumped, because as the summer rolls on, i'll be posting all the DIYs i've been slavishly pumping out.
ok enough blabbering..... here's some sketches i did while traveling (syracuse>la/orange county>road trip to san fran & back>nyc).
ground control to major tom, take your protein pills and put your helmet on... that song was totally in my head while doodling this: {e.cobb: lax air box, 4.5x6", pen on paper}

hey, everyone's got baggage... {e.cobb: all shapes & sizes, 4.5x6", pen on paper}

this goes under the heading of "revelations & ramblings while on the road":

if you didn't obsessively watch my so called life, then the aforementioned reference makes no sense. { however, things to note: i lived in santa barbara, ca for 2 years. it was a glorious, fabulous, and self-indulgent time in my life. i loved every moment of it. if it weren't for my hubby-to-be's acceptance into the grad program at syracuse, i would still be there - believe me. but, as "they" say: that town is for newly-wed's and nearly-dead's. i now realize that if i had stayed, i wouldn't have progressed. that said, i feel heartbreak whenever i pass through. }

so tomorrow i'm madly packing up all the craft projects, wedding dress, and fiance; then driving to springfield, illinois to get hitched on june 5th. i'd like to post before then, but who knows.... until then, keep on keepin' on.

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