Wednesday, April 14, 2010

on reinventing the invitation...

the latest wedding project is done. the wedding and welcome dinner invites have been sent. and no trees were killed in the process. behold, the fruits of my labor:

{ i had a lot of fun doing the artwork on this!}
sure, weddings can be glorious and special events, but they can also be extremely wasteful. one way bill and i have decided to take a stand against the frivolity is to do email only invites - gasp. yes, textured card stock is quite lovely; BUT, in the end, all that pretty paper with your carefully selected engraving will find its way in the trash. get over it. here's how...
1. make a invite layout* 2. export as a jpeg image file. 3. insert said image in an email to your guests with a link to your website to rsvp. it's that simple. no more addressing and stuffing envelopes with more envelopes... welcome to the 21st century people.

{i scanned a vintage-y handkerchief and set it as the background.}

* if any future brides are reading this and want help designing their invite... let me know because i'd love to expand my portfolio.

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