Friday, March 19, 2010

taking pictures like it's 1948

looky- looky! one of my favorite flea market finds: a polaroid land camera, circa 1948. it's even older than my parents.... not that they're that old, but you know...
anyway this thing is in pristine condition, complete with all the original literature. i fell in love and bartered down to $20 for it, which i think is pretty good. i'm hoping i can track down some film...but if not, it'll look all regal and wise sitting on a shelf. here, let me show you how freakin' cool this old school camera is:

there are so many incredible the little details that hint at the level of craftsmanship that went into this thing. that's probably why these nostalgic items make me weak in the knees. the old adage is right: they just don't make things like they used to.
all folded up - and it still looks chic! i love the leather casing complete with a beautifully crafted leather strap. the upper left photo shows the box it came in - such happy colors!

now, the literature in the book is almost as nifty as the camera itself. case in point, this treasure featuring a friendly cartoon version of the camera. truly, it's the chartreuse bow tie that seals the deal for me:

i do hope their offer still stands, somehow i'm doubtful after 62 years... i haven't even begun the quest for film. i hear it's as extinct as the dinosaurs. even if i do find some, i have already prepared myself for the prohibitive cost. oh well.

i wish product information was still designed this well... like these handsome hand drawn diagrams:

oh sigh....

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