Tuesday, March 2, 2010

pomelo love

i was recently introduced to this large citrus and have to admit i'm a big fan. pomelo's are similar to grapefruit and understandable mistaken for them. personally, i feel a pomelo is far superior to grapefruit for the following reasons:

  1. they are much easier to peel. unlike a grapefruit, where you have to find that curved serrated knife to pry out the juicy pulp (who actually owns one anyway); a pomelo's segments are easily peeled out like a mandarin... but better because the "membranous, juicy vesicles" pull away from their fibrous pouch. yeah, i got technical.
  2. their flavor is sweeter and, dare i say, more floral, than that of a grapefruit. i know many people dislike grapefruit due to their, sometimes, harsh acidic bitterness. there is none of that with a pomelo, just a slight tartness trumped by incredible natural sweetness akin to honey... but not too sweet.
  3. pomelos were the cheapest citrus available at my neighborhood coop.

in conclusion, i clearly have more important things to do than compare citrus. so i'll stop now. that is all.

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