Monday, March 22, 2010

patagonia's fish

once upon a time i was flipping through a patagonia catalog and became so captivated by a picture that i tore it out and kept it on an inspiration board. it is simple yet powerful: a freshly caught flying fish aside a fork. the gorgeous bold colors along with the irony of the imagery cried out to become a painting. a couple years later, i caved in:
e.cobb: patagonia's fish, 18x26" gouache on paper.
ok, so i know that this is probably breaking a million copy write laws; therefore i shall make a formal apology:

dear patagonia,

i am not one to steal; especially from a company of such fantast-atude as yours. i like your sturdy apparel. even more, i like that i can return a battered jacket after years of abuse and still trade it up for a newer and better version.
please don't hate me (or even worse, sue me): i have fallen in love with an image that belongs to you. and yes, i "copied" it. however, it's not an exact replica and i promise i will never sell the painting for profit. ever. furthermore, i have titled the piece "patagonia's fish" as to give you full credit as the source of my inspiration. can you ever forgive me?

with humble regard,

{fishy close ups} i really like how well gouache on fibrous paper can depict scales... perhaps i should do more fish...

in the end, i figure it makes everything ok if i'm honest about the source of this image from the get go. and i'm serious about not selling the painting (for it will look to good in my kitchen for years to come).

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