Wednesday, March 17, 2010

the ganache balls that tried to be truffles

a group of my foodie friends get together every now and then for a get together we refer to as "supper club". basically each person brings a dish and we all pig out potluck style. i was on the dessert detail for our latest indian themed gathering. indeed, i did make an indian pudding - which turned out pretty well considering i wasn't sure what i was doing. but, in case of epic failure i decided to have a back up plan, enter chai tea infused truffles...

now, i must say a couple things here: 1. i had never made truffles before. 2. my decision to make them was on a complete whim so i didn't exactly have all the right ingredients; which leads me to: 3. i have a tendency to loosely follow recipes, if i use them at all...
that is probably why these guys turned out more like ganache balls rather than truffles, but whatever, it's pretty hard to screw up chocolate. you can call these whatever you want - i'll just call them damn good.

i won't be typing out a recipe because i really don't remember all the increments i used - plus i wouldn't want to lead anyone astray should they make the attempt. although i can tell you: to create the chai infusion, i steeped a couple bags of chai tea with half & half (what should have been heavy cream)... the rich-spicy flavors were subtle, yet divine. however, i didn't stop there. as usually, i got carried away with the toppings. i have labeled them for your convenience in the above picture.

ndividual ganache ball head shots as follows:
cocoa-cardamom-ginger, cinnamon-cayenne, and finally, coconut-sea salt.

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