Wednesday, March 10, 2010

almost there...

painting is a loooong process no matter what. i always seem to forget that. the act of painting may not take much time, but trying to figure out if you are done is the hard part. the necessary pause between action is where the time goes. the whole process takes time. just when i think i'm done, i see that it needs more. this one is close though. very close.... but not quite.
e.cobb, "one breath at a time" 30x22"gouache and oil pastel on paper.
what started out as a depiction of a tree, is turning more into lungs.... possibly veins. i like how it could go either way.

this piece is already designated for my momma as a birthday present. it's been a good project to get me back into painting. these snippets from the larger painting are inspiring me to focus on only parts of trees for the next couple paintings. so future patrons: never fear. there will be more to come.

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