Tuesday, March 23, 2010

off to texas i go

i'll be in dallas for the week visiting family! i'm hoping to get a new pair of cowboy boots, see some roadside wildflowers, and perhaps dine on antelope. oh, and of course spend some quality time with loved ones!

not sure how often i'll be able to make posts, but i shall try. not that i get high traffic here or anything... but i like to pretend someone out there can't wait to see my next post.

Monday, March 22, 2010

patagonia's fish

once upon a time i was flipping through a patagonia catalog and became so captivated by a picture that i tore it out and kept it on an inspiration board. it is simple yet powerful: a freshly caught flying fish aside a fork. the gorgeous bold colors along with the irony of the imagery cried out to become a painting. a couple years later, i caved in:
e.cobb: patagonia's fish, 18x26" gouache on paper.
ok, so i know that this is probably breaking a million copy write laws; therefore i shall make a formal apology:

dear patagonia,

i am not one to steal; especially from a company of such fantast-atude as yours. i like your sturdy apparel. even more, i like that i can return a battered jacket after years of abuse and still trade it up for a newer and better version.
please don't hate me (or even worse, sue me): i have fallen in love with an image that belongs to you. and yes, i "copied" it. however, it's not an exact replica and i promise i will never sell the painting for profit. ever. furthermore, i have titled the piece "patagonia's fish" as to give you full credit as the source of my inspiration. can you ever forgive me?

with humble regard,

{fishy close ups} i really like how well gouache on fibrous paper can depict scales... perhaps i should do more fish...

in the end, i figure it makes everything ok if i'm honest about the source of this image from the get go. and i'm serious about not selling the painting (for it will look to good in my kitchen for years to come).

Friday, March 19, 2010

taking pictures like it's 1948

looky- looky! one of my favorite flea market finds: a polaroid land camera, circa 1948. it's even older than my parents.... not that they're that old, but you know...
anyway this thing is in pristine condition, complete with all the original literature. i fell in love and bartered down to $20 for it, which i think is pretty good. i'm hoping i can track down some film...but if not, it'll look all regal and wise sitting on a shelf. here, let me show you how freakin' cool this old school camera is:

there are so many incredible the little details that hint at the level of craftsmanship that went into this thing. that's probably why these nostalgic items make me weak in the knees. the old adage is right: they just don't make things like they used to.
all folded up - and it still looks chic! i love the leather casing complete with a beautifully crafted leather strap. the upper left photo shows the box it came in - such happy colors!

now, the literature in the book is almost as nifty as the camera itself. case in point, this treasure featuring a friendly cartoon version of the camera. truly, it's the chartreuse bow tie that seals the deal for me:

i do hope their offer still stands, somehow i'm doubtful after 62 years... i haven't even begun the quest for film. i hear it's as extinct as the dinosaurs. even if i do find some, i have already prepared myself for the prohibitive cost. oh well.

i wish product information was still designed this well... like these handsome hand drawn diagrams:

oh sigh....

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

the ganache balls that tried to be truffles

a group of my foodie friends get together every now and then for a get together we refer to as "supper club". basically each person brings a dish and we all pig out potluck style. i was on the dessert detail for our latest indian themed gathering. indeed, i did make an indian pudding - which turned out pretty well considering i wasn't sure what i was doing. but, in case of epic failure i decided to have a back up plan, enter chai tea infused truffles...

now, i must say a couple things here: 1. i had never made truffles before. 2. my decision to make them was on a complete whim so i didn't exactly have all the right ingredients; which leads me to: 3. i have a tendency to loosely follow recipes, if i use them at all...
that is probably why these guys turned out more like ganache balls rather than truffles, but whatever, it's pretty hard to screw up chocolate. you can call these whatever you want - i'll just call them damn good.

i won't be typing out a recipe because i really don't remember all the increments i used - plus i wouldn't want to lead anyone astray should they make the attempt. although i can tell you: to create the chai infusion, i steeped a couple bags of chai tea with half & half (what should have been heavy cream)... the rich-spicy flavors were subtle, yet divine. however, i didn't stop there. as usually, i got carried away with the toppings. i have labeled them for your convenience in the above picture.

ndividual ganache ball head shots as follows:
cocoa-cardamom-ginger, cinnamon-cayenne, and finally, coconut-sea salt.

Monday, March 15, 2010

my spring-ing apartment

even though it's not quite spring outside, the upcoming season is starting to arrive indoors.

these pink
tulips bring some cheer to the living room...

rosemary and hyacinth are showing off their purple blooms in apartment 101.

some potted plants took refuge inside during the winter. what was once a small ivy, has made itself at home
over the last couple months...

ivy tends to do this.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

almost there...

painting is a loooong process no matter what. i always seem to forget that. the act of painting may not take much time, but trying to figure out if you are done is the hard part. the necessary pause between action is where the time goes. the whole process takes time. just when i think i'm done, i see that it needs more. this one is close though. very close.... but not quite.
e.cobb, "one breath at a time" 30x22"gouache and oil pastel on paper.
what started out as a depiction of a tree, is turning more into lungs.... possibly veins. i like how it could go either way.

this piece is already designated for my momma as a birthday present. it's been a good project to get me back into painting. these snippets from the larger painting are inspiring me to focus on only parts of trees for the next couple paintings. so future patrons: never fear. there will be more to come.

Monday, March 8, 2010

eye spy snowscape

i went snowshoeing and this is what i saw:

the leaves remain

like skeletons...

... golden imprints...

....calm... still...

... among light and shadow.

Friday, March 5, 2010

an embrace

finding this forgotten sketch i had done years ago was like a present; sort of like when you find $20 in a jacket you haven't worn in a while. i hardly remember the context or motivation for doing it, which makes it all the better.

, "an embrace"6x6"(ish), pencil on vellum.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

pomelo love

i was recently introduced to this large citrus and have to admit i'm a big fan. pomelo's are similar to grapefruit and understandable mistaken for them. personally, i feel a pomelo is far superior to grapefruit for the following reasons:

  1. they are much easier to peel. unlike a grapefruit, where you have to find that curved serrated knife to pry out the juicy pulp (who actually owns one anyway); a pomelo's segments are easily peeled out like a mandarin... but better because the "membranous, juicy vesicles" pull away from their fibrous pouch. yeah, i got technical.
  2. their flavor is sweeter and, dare i say, more floral, than that of a grapefruit. i know many people dislike grapefruit due to their, sometimes, harsh acidic bitterness. there is none of that with a pomelo, just a slight tartness trumped by incredible natural sweetness akin to honey... but not too sweet.
  3. pomelos were the cheapest citrus available at my neighborhood coop.

in conclusion, i clearly have more important things to do than compare citrus. so i'll stop now. that is all.

Monday, March 1, 2010

think warm thoughts

march is here! but spring... not so much. these old photographs of a long-past summer vacation are helping me think warm thoughts. perhaps they'll do the same for you!

these photos reside on a scrapbook page with this title:

p.s. i am delighted by white ink on black paper.