Tuesday, February 16, 2010

little white dresses

white baby doll dress with layered lace statement sleeves, black tights, and white leather shoes strapped with a bow - yes please. i want this outfit. to bad its not my size, plus it's probably 100 years old...

the recent discovery of a flea market in syracuse has officially made my week. prices are at least a quarter of those at nyc fleas! essentially this is because the goods come straight from the source. around syracuse there are an astounding amount of decaying victorian homes (& mansions) each with forgotten attics... treasure troves. the people who excavate these spaces are typically after jewelry, art, furniture, and other valuable items. however, the vendor i bought these photos from prides himself on collecting paper memorabilia: news papers, books, and family photographs.
forgotten photos are the most interesting to me. (well, that and antique broaches!) something about seeing the faces of people from the past touches a cord deep within. these relics are timelessly beautiful and feel nearly sacred.


  1. me too - i am ENCHANTED with our old family photographs. as a kid i would POUR over my grandmothers scrapbooks and photo albums...that had pictures of her as a child, and her parents as children in Czechoslovakia. it was mesmerizing.

    but when i see them in antique stores and flea markets it makes me sad.