Thursday, February 11, 2010

the d.i.y. save-the-date project

today i'm sharing a big wedding project i completed about 6 weeks ago - the save-the-date cards! wohoo. (unfortunately the project files are all abbreviated as std in my computer - bummer title!) i had a lot of fun designing the cards, despite the project being a lot more work than anticipated... if you are curious as to how theses were made, then read on:
first, i scanned the initial design sketches into my computer. next, i went crazy with my pen tablet in photoshop. (i use a "la pazz pen tablet") this is where i had a blast and let my creativity run wild with the backgrounds and borders. the cards look like they are done with paint and pastel, but really it's all photoshop's amazing brush modes (and of course my handiwork with the tablet). then, i brought the backgrounds into indesign where i added the text and got to play with fonts. fyi: i'm a huge font nerd and had too much fun with it. if you obsess over fonts and are curious, i used: mesquite, porcelain, rosewood, chipperfield & bailey, and copperplate gothic light... yeah, i know - i got after it with fonts.
i took my designs to a local print shop and had these printed as double sided 5x7"s... easier said than done. i had to get them reprinted 3 times! grrr. not to mention that i had to borrow a paper cutter to cut the cards out myself since the printer wouldn't take responsibility for this duty - double grrr. as a result, the 100% post consumer recycled envelopes where printed at home. finally, i added USPS "love stamps" featuring the king and queen of hearts. luckily they were funky/cute and went with the overall look. phew, std project completed!
the good news: all my hours spent toiling on indesign for the santa barbara independent have paid off! plus, through this project, i found that designing cards and posters is something that i would absolutely love to do professionally. sooo anyone reading this need some design work? let me know!

behold: the fruits of my labor! sealed up and ready for the mail... seeing these babies slide into that big blue box on the corner was a very happy moment for me.


  1. oh wow - i'm sortof in love with your rad blog...i think you see the world beautifully...I'm excited to follow.

    Your wedding planning journey will be fun to watch - your dress is BEYOND...and that veil? Holy cow. And those save-the-dates? What!? I'm uber uber impressed.

  2. yay! thanks for checking out my blog jes!