Friday, January 29, 2010

fish friday.

typically i eat like a vegetarian, but i will never be able to give up fish. ever. it's too damn delicious and nutrient rich. these days it can be hard to find pescado that is sustainably and ethically sourced while not plump with harmful toxins. the facts of both farming and wild fishing practices are sobering to say the least... (there is a great iphone app called "seafood watch" that informs on which fish are best and most safe to enjoy.)
that said, every now and then i will treat myself. one of my go-to-favorites is US wild caught sockeye, unmistakable with its vibrantly red flesh. yum, yum. i have a simple method for cooking such a fine specimen...

i create a dry rub by roughly chopping the following:
{ garlic, chipotle pepper, fresh rosemary & thyme, plus lemon zest, fresh cracked pepper & kosher salt. }
if i'm home, i'll throw the filets on a grill's top rack to let them cook slower and get a bit smoked. you'll want to take the fish off when the center is still a tad red - i like my salmon moist and slightly undercooked. now, if i were to take these guys camping, as i did with the salmon pictured here, i wrap each filet in foil and place near the edges of a camp fire's burning embers. rotate the foil packets every 5 minutes or so and check one until done. (don't forget your flashlight!) you'll eat the fish right out of the foil, which makes for easy clean up! due to the nature of fresh fish, i highly recommend cooking these on your first night in camp.

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