Friday, January 29, 2010

fish friday.

typically i eat like a vegetarian, but i will never be able to give up fish. ever. it's too damn delicious and nutrient rich. these days it can be hard to find pescado that is sustainably and ethically sourced while not plump with harmful toxins. the facts of both farming and wild fishing practices are sobering to say the least... (there is a great iphone app called "seafood watch" that informs on which fish are best and most safe to enjoy.)
that said, every now and then i will treat myself. one of my go-to-favorites is US wild caught sockeye, unmistakable with its vibrantly red flesh. yum, yum. i have a simple method for cooking such a fine specimen...

i create a dry rub by roughly chopping the following:
{ garlic, chipotle pepper, fresh rosemary & thyme, plus lemon zest, fresh cracked pepper & kosher salt. }
if i'm home, i'll throw the filets on a grill's top rack to let them cook slower and get a bit smoked. you'll want to take the fish off when the center is still a tad red - i like my salmon moist and slightly undercooked. now, if i were to take these guys camping, as i did with the salmon pictured here, i wrap each filet in foil and place near the edges of a camp fire's burning embers. rotate the foil packets every 5 minutes or so and check one until done. (don't forget your flashlight!) you'll eat the fish right out of the foil, which makes for easy clean up! due to the nature of fresh fish, i highly recommend cooking these on your first night in camp.

Monday, January 25, 2010

painting at last...

great news: i have been painting! constant moving/traveling over the past year and a half (plus the added joy of planning a wedding) have made it difficult to get into a consistent painting routine. to say the least: it has been pretty frustrating, akin to writers' block. lately, i have been learning how to put my existential crisis on pause for a couple hours here and there, relax, and just paint. i forgot how cathartic it is to submit to the process... and just create.

evidence of the process: paint drips and spatters on the drop cloth.

sneak peek:
a close up section of a work in progress. i'm trying less toxic materials: gouache and oil pastel on thick grain watercolor paper. i'll show you the rest when i get closer to an end.

Friday, January 22, 2010

the recycled "flower" experiment

so i thought that it would be a brilliant idea to make my bridal bouquets out of recycled material - in the spirit of d.i.y. and sustainability. i tried a test run using tissue paper, colored plastic bags & newsprint. although the end result is interesting, i think i will give in to the time honored tradition of carrying real flowers down the aisle. in this instance, there is nothing better than the real thing. this experiment is now part of my desk decor though.

Monday, January 18, 2010

lost & found: 3 figures

i came across this page from an old scrap book and found it equally enchanting and mysterious... i love how the people are similarily framed in each picture. although they are alone, the pairing gives a feel of "together-ness". also, these people are probably dead, which is creepy, but adds to the meaning and mystery of this piece of random ephemera.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

oh my darling

i'll have my clementines one way, and one way only: darling.
admittedly, i find the packaging more darling than the fruit; hence, the reason for today's post. the old-school design makes me happy. it's reminiscent of a more simple, pastoral americana. ironically these clems' were grown and packaged in spain. oh how i love throwback print design...

Friday, January 8, 2010

when aloe vera blooms...

awesome california fact: flowers continue to bloom throughout the "winter". cacti and other succulents tend to be the stars of the show this season, hence the popularity of christmas cacti. on my recent trip out west i was blown away by the aloe vera with their huge, bright orange, cone-like flowers. the contrast of orange blooms against a blue sky was a much appreciated change of scenery for a snowed-in, east coast resident, like myself.

remnants of holiday cheer: the ubiquitous xmas cookie invasion

i was lucky: i escaped the arctic tundra that is currently upstate new york to spend the holidays in southern california with family. even luckier: my lil' sister went on a baking spree. as a result, we were wealthy in cookies for a short time. the baking & decorating of christmas cookies has been a long standing tradition in our home - especially anatomically correct gingerbread men (not pictured).