Tuesday, December 1, 2009

nearly wed: adventures in out-of-town wedding planning

for the past week the fiance and i have been in springfield, illinois where we will have our june wedding. there certainly are disadvantages to having a wedding out of town, mainly you can't just meet with your "wedding people", i.e. vendors, whenever. so when we roll into springfield it's a little like wedding camp. meaning: we tend to devout ourselves fully to the task of wedding planning for the entirety of a couple days. yes it can get a little intense but there is a hidden advantage. it works better to submit yourself to intensity for a short amount of time for the sake of not having to deal with the wedding all the time - if that makes any sense.
so on that note, here are some shots of me frolicking in a park with my mother's wedding veil. i'm pretty sure i was singing "goin' to the chapel" loudly and rather badly at the time.

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