Tuesday, November 10, 2009

sketch of the week: "we all fall down"

this quick sketch was inspired from pondering my mortality. i know - the topic is totally depressing. maybe my recent birthday triggered these thoughts. once you get past the exciting milestone birthdays you are left with facing the fact you're a year older and thus a year closer to the grave. seriously i know how depressing i sound - yet its these reflections that help me take a step back and see the big picture. with this different (and, yes, slightly dramatic) perspective i can see how i really want to live my life and what truly is important to me, which is not so depressing. so yeah, i suggest you think about how you will die someday - it just makes birthdays easier and life more fulfilling. i also recognize this sketch probably would have been better placed during halloween or dia de los muertos. oh well.

e.cobb "and we all fall down" (2009) pencil on paper, 12x8 in.

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