Friday, November 20, 2009

ira glass is a rockstar.

this week ira glass, host and producer of the wildly popular n.p.r. show this america life, gave a lecture at syracuse university. being a huge fan of glass's work i was one of the first people there. after seeing him in person i have to say: he is honestly one of the most genuine, engaging, and coolest people i have come across. ever.

he shared some pretty darn inspiring things in regard to finding your way in the world. which is especially pertinent to me since i am totally floundering in the state of "how the hell am i going to make living being creative". one of my favorite take home messages is that you might as well amuse yourself and enjoy work if your career choice doesn't pay much.

three things i learned from ira glass:

  1. the ability to see from another's point of view will keep you sane.
  2. it's normal and ok to be bad or not have good ideas. just keep digging because failure helps grow good ideas.
  3. your taste is the most important thing you have - he found success by being real / true to himself.

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  1. Also -- hot. Honestly, I love him.