Thursday, October 22, 2009

wild chanterelle mushrooms {fall feast part 2}

last week i made this fall inspired meal... and i went all out with it. hence the "fall feast" title. on tuesday i featured a side dish {bourbon baked pears}. well today i'm featuring part 2, the main course: wild mushroom risotto (with leeks and sage cooked in brown butter). and i didn't use just any ol' mushrooms... no no. in fact this whole feast idea was inspired by these gorgeous little fall chanterelle 'shrooms i discovered at the ithaca farmers' market. a wild mushroom expert, karma glos, b.s. of kingbird farm in berkshire, ny, identified (and perhaps harvested) these little beauties. so in case you were wondering, no trippy hallucinations, just a deliciously earthy, slightly fruity flavor. by the way, i think my favorite part about these chanterelles (other than their amazing flavor) is their bright orange steams. they remind me of colorful stocking peaking out from under a ruffly skirt.

now, the following must be stated: i am totally not a food expert, just an artist who loves to combine flavors like i combine colors.
that said, this dish turned out magnificently.

here's what i did:
in a medium saucepan i browned a couple tablespoons of butter then added 2 roughly chopped leeks and cooked on low heat for about 10 min (until caramelized). i then added at least a tablespoon of homegrown sage, along with salt and pepper to taste. then added 1 cup of uncooked risotto (short grain rice) and stirred until slightly translucent. next i added 2 cups of homemade roasted-vegetable stock (you can use any stock- but homemade is sooo good - you'll never turn back. when i do make stock i make a lot of it for situations like this. so really, its not as complicated as it sounds.) anyway, i kept an eye on the pan- kept stirring and adding a bit of water whenever the rice mixture was getting dry but still not cooked all the way. (see i told you i'm no pro). once the rice was about good to go (don't have rice al dente) i added thechanterelle mushrooms (about 1 1/2 cups) stirred, covered and cooked them in the rice on low heat for another 2-4 minutes to release the flavors but not make the 'shrooms mushy. then finally, the good part: dish & serve. yum.

{and so with no further delay, the fall feast line up (enter trumpet flair).
chanterelle mushroom and leek risotto, bourbon baked pears, steamed beet chard, and to wash everything down; a double abbey belgium ale by ommegang brewery.
the combination was seriously. amazing. my first inclinations was to have a pinot nior but i'm very glad i chose the abbey ale instead. }

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  1. Wow!!! Sounds Dee-lish! Thanks for sharing!!