Friday, October 30, 2009

weekly travels: a chestnut festival in romulus, ny

last weekend the fiance and i made a short expedition through the gorgeous autumnal landscape of finger lake county to experience wine tasting and a chestnut festival. truth be told: until last weekend i had never eaten a chestnut. needless to say my interest was peaked when i heard goose watch winery was hosting a festival solely devoted to the curious nut. and so our adventure was set in romulous, ny - right on cayuga lake. the name romulus sounds powerful and foreboding - but the area is adorably quant and rustic. here are some of my favorite pictures from the day. {all photos taken by bill hoelzer a.k.a "the fiance"}

{ roasted american chestnuts }

to eat the wondrous chestnut meat, just peal off the hard shell. like the love child of a sweet potato and a walnut, chestnuts have a wonderfully sweet, rich flavor with a firm, starchy yet moist texture. yum yum.

later i made chestnut soup by adding finely chopped roasted chestnuts to roasted vegetable broth with onions, garlic, sage, parsley, and a dash of cream. it was quite the fall delicacy. however the soup didn't photograph well and came out looking like caca... and no one wants to look at that.

chestnuts are found on the ground after the tree releases them in these crazy spiky burr-like husks... fancy that.

{ having a frolic in the vineyard. }

at buttonwood grove winery we ran into a curious scottish highland cow that looks part golden retriever. her name is melody. we became friends.


  1. you and that bull/yak creature have the same hair-do going on!

  2. Hahaha "the fiance" haha. ohhh I love it!