Monday, October 19, 2009

there's a succulent garden in my apartment.

in past posts { here and here } i talk about how much i like succulent plants (which include cacti). i go on and on about how cool they look, how easy they are to keep... but i didn't even have any- until i finally did something about it. behold: my miniature succulent garden. a neighbor gifted me her late bonsai tree's pot. its shallow shape and the rocky soil it came with are perfect. the plants are doing well- we have been together about 5 weeks and i have only watered the pot twice: at planting and then once more - which may even be too often. i just love the funky shapes and textures - they add spunk to a side table in my living room.

{clock-wise from top left: a bristle brush cactus, an aloe minibelle, and a sedum "burrito" or "jellybean" succulent}

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