Monday, October 12, 2009

"sunday's stew" or "rediscovering the joy of turmeric"

last night i was scanning the shelves of the fridge trying to find the answer to dinner and found a lot of vegetables that needed to be cooked. i also had a hungry stomach or two to feed and not much patience to cook an elaborate dish. the conclusion: a great big pot of stew. now i know the word "stew" can be a huge turn off, but with some coconut milk and a heavy dose of garam masala and turmeric things got downright delicious -and i promise it was so simple even though a lot of different veggies came into play. i must admit that in the process i rediscovered the joyousness that is turmeric. it will turn any dish to a fabulous goldenrod hue and the flavor is distinctly and impressively ethnic - you'd think there was a little old indian woman hiding in your kitchen. also this dish was incidentally vegan.

what is in this goop that does not photograph well?
{sweet potato, wax beans, onion, carrots, tomatoes, hungarian hot pepper, and black beans cooked in coconut milk with indian flavors, garnished with cashews and coconut flakes.}

cooking food from scratch on a daily bases is something that i have committed myself to lately. why? 1. i'm a huge foodie, 2. i love creating and cooking is exactly that, 3. i'm trying to cut chemical crap from my diet and 4. i actually have the time right now thanks to under-employment. as a result, i have been surprising myself with the success (or laughable failures) in my kitchen. so in addition to my usual artsy-fartsy findings there will be an increase in"food" features for this blog as i document my trials and tribulations in cooking.

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  1. Damn, this is also inspiring me and I'm going to make it. I love getting life tips from Emily Cobb.