Monday, October 5, 2009

sketch of the week - starting now

in an effort to give this blog some much needed structure i will be doing a new feature called: "sketch of the week" - fairly self explanatory. eventually i'd like to get to the point were each category on my blog gets a day each week. so here goes....
At museums i try to quick sketch at least one thing that interests me. when searching through my plethora of sketchbooks i came across today's feature inspired by emile-antoine bourdelle's sculpture "head of a figure called eloquence" - quite the title. the thing that really struck me was the largeness of the head's scale, as well as the high contrast lighting in the museum (which at the time was the portland art museum).
{a word about bourdelle for you art history buffs: he was an assistant to auguste rodin, aka modern sculpture's daddy. later bourdelle went on to teach the great modernist sculptor alberto giacometti - nice baton pass i must say.}

e.cobb: sketch of eloquence's head, pencil on paper 3"x2"

below is a photo of said sculpture which i found here

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