Wednesday, October 14, 2009

sketch of the week - "one of bergman's girls"

i happen to have a soft spot for scandinavian film makers like lars von trier, thomas vinterberg, and the like. so today i would like to pay homage to the grand daddy of them all (and arguably of modern cinema): ingmar bergman. according to a wikipedia author bergman's "influential body of work often dealt with themes such as bleakness and despair, as well as comedy and hope, in his cinematic exploration of the human condition...his major themes being death, illness, betrayal and insanity." typical swede. i recently came across an article on bergman which included some of his films' stills. i think i was really drawn to the facial expression of, who i believe is, ingrid thulin from the silence. it reminded me of a francesco clemente portrait in a way:

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