Tuesday, October 20, 2009

pears & bourbon {fall feast part 1}

now that fall is in full swing there is an abundance of pears at the farmer's market. as an artist i'm infatuated by their sensuous shapes. as a foodie i love cooking with them in both sweet and savory situations... before eating/cooking a photo shoot was first in order:

i'm a huge fan of bourbon so i'm game for any excuse to cook with it. bourbon just so happens to go splendidly with pears. i invented the following concoction completely and totally so there is probably a far superior method. i just figured the flavors would mesh nicely so i gave it a shot - recipe free. well this time my premonition was a success. the combination of sweet, earthy, richness seduced my palate. i don't use exact measurements and am certainly not a professional. however, i can tell you that this dish was delicious...

{ here's what i did: i put 3 quartered pears in a roasting pan and liberally doused them with maker's. i then put a clove in each pear section and lightly dusted them with cinnamon, brown sugar, fresh thyme, pinch of salt. and finished with about 1/3 c of roughly chopped pecans and 1/4 c raisins. i set the oven for around 375, coverd the pan and let the babies roast covered for about half an hour or so and then uncovered and baked for another 10-15 min - until there was a nice caramelization happening. when it was time to serve i crumbled a rich gorgonzola cheese over the deliciousness. oh lordy- this concoction melts in your mouth. }

before the oven.

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