Thursday, October 1, 2009

meet my children...

parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme... not just found in the simon & garfunkle album/song but now growing in my apartment's herb garden (+ oregano). i'm honestly surprised with the success of my inaugural gardening attempt. these babies have doubled is size since planting! apparently this herb mama's got a green thumb... yes, i just called myself herb mama.
however it appears that, like the majority of america's public schools, there is an overcrowding issue now taking place. the thyme may need to be assigned to another pot soon. either that, or i'll need to start pruning and thus actually cooking with these home grown herbs - fancy that.

'herb-an jungle' .

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  1. i forgot to say that i planted the rosemary in a separate pot to begin with b/c it doesn't like to be watered as much as the rest of the herbs. the main box gets a heavy watering daily.