Thursday, October 29, 2009

hydrangea love continues.

typically when thinking of hydrangeas one pictures blue or purple flowers. {see here} however, hydrangeas come in a variety of colors depending on the pH levels of their soil. so in this way they are nature's litmus paper. hydrangeas also happen to be one of my favorite types of flowers - and not just for their scientific capabilities either. i like how simple little blossoms tightly group together to create great voluminous fluffy clouds. (sometimes i wish i could just rollick in a bed of hydrangea blooms as if they were a foam pit at a little-kids' gymnastics class.) and i like how they can add a sense of drama to a vase.

these particular hydrangeas were purchased at the ithaca farmer's market. i find the antique-y pinks and cream colors deeply inspiring - in fact these pictures are part of my wedding inspiration board!

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