Wednesday, October 7, 2009

happy accidents / self portraiture in prague

it probably seems conceded to think of yourself as a muse for your own work... that said, self portraiture has turned out to be a re-occurring theme in my art. although many artists are drawn to self portraiture, its hard to say why this is the case for me. the best explanation is that it has evolved out of convenience. for instance, i just can't ask (or have enough money to pay for) someone to run across a field in costume at a strange hour because i've got a video deadline. who else will let me take nude photos of them for a painting series? and here, in the photographs below, i was experimenting with f-stops or something in my bed - the end result being unexpectedly interesting. at the time i was 20 and studying in prague, consequently i was a bit lost in life and very much brooding most of the time. looking back, these shots captured that time honestly. also with time, a pink hue has developed - which means i didn't mix the chemical correctly in that dungeon of a dark room. so in more ways then one these pictures are one big happy accident. and i'm totally serious about the dungeon thing - the building was built in the 15th century... ah praha.

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