Friday, October 16, 2009

DIY pickles

unbelievably better tasting than the supermarket's neon-green variety. so fresh and crunchy in texture and mysteriously sweet-salty-spicy in flavor. and, pickles are very easy to make - i promise. what inspired me? the farmer's market of course. there were tons of cucumbers for real cheap one day but i was wasn't sure what i could do with a bunch of cuc's before the inevitable mushy-mold-fest. so i asked a vender and he looked at me like i was from mars and said "make pickles!". oh duh - i guess. its not like my generation watched our grandmothers and mothers can all their own food- hence the neon-supermarket takeover. anyway, i bought a massive quantity of cuc's and turned to a recipe from the "minimalist", mark bittman, in his how to cook everything bible, i mean cookbook.

{ all you do is slice the cuc's, sprinkle salt all over, and let them hang out in a strainer in your sink for a couple hours

(this is what gives them the crunch factor). then you boil water and white vinegar (although i was happy with some

cider vinegar) in a saucepan with sugar, a bit more salt, and pre-mixed pickling spices (containing: coriander

seed, mustard seed, dill seed, allspice, clove, chili pepper, peppercorns, bay leaf...) next you pour the spiced liquid

mixture over the salted cuc's in a bowl, roasting pan, or whatever you got. let it cool. then put them in containers like

ball jars and stick them in the fridge. a couple days later... you have delicious homemade pickles. and they keep a

helluva lot longer then fresh cucumbers. }

my pickles model with some feta.

they are so good i eat the pickles all the time- with cheese & eggs at breakfast (very euro), in sandwiches, or anything really. for instance i had some left over rice and beans from a dinner so i put some feta cheese and sliced pickles on it - instant lunch! yum can't get enough...

{pickles save leftovers.}


  1. You've been prolific on here! I need to subscribe to your blog. Lovin' the food reflections (yes, soup is painful to photograph).

  2. I can't believe you made pickles! I freaking love pickles!