Tuesday, October 13, 2009

DIY coffee table makeover

so i know that it looks like all i did was paint the table white. no big deal right? however, re-painting requires sanding - and sanding the varnish off a table by hand, my friends, is no laughing matter. sanding should be considered the major achievement of this whole little project; a fact i had to painstakingly learn. on sunday morning i looked over my to-do list and thought: "ok after brunch, i''l just do a quick sand and paint this baby up, make some calls, have a sandwich, run an errand or two - nice little sunday." truth be told: i tend to be overly optimistic with my capacity to tackle to-do lists, but this sunday i took things to a new level.
i began to understand the magnitude of the task at hand after about 90 minutes of inhaling varnish spores and several severe finger abrasions, at which point, i had only worked on an 8th of the table... i had minor meltdown. then enlisted my fiancé's help so that we could play bloody knuckles with the coffee table together- you know as a pre-marital bonding experience. eventually we got the sanding over with and i then white-washed the damn thing in about 30 minutes- with the setting sun. i'm not sure i used the right paint thanks to the "help" i received from lowes hardware. luckily i was going for a "rustic" look - which gives me the excuse for imperfections. after this little home DIY project i fully understand and appreciate the need for professional furniture re-finishing. so was it worth it for a $25 salvation army table? maybe not. but the learning experience... priceless.

{ before }

{ after }


  1. This is beautiful! I have a few pieces I've been wanting to restore and this is totally inspiring me...

  2. I love this!!! I would love to do this, I just need to find the right coffee table