Wednesday, September 2, 2009

there and back

four days after arriving in upstate new york i promptly hopped a plane back west - to orange county this time, for some family time. i promise i don't have separation anxiety with the west coast, nor do i enjoy packing, unpacking, and re-packing again.
airborne, i retraced the path that took 4 long days of driving in a matter of 5 hours - i had a strangely defeating feeling. its like watching a movie in fast forward, yet there were some awe inspiring moments because the nation is viewed from a completely different perspective.
for example, when you drive through kansas its like driving on a treadmill for hours and hours; the corn-row lined road pierces the flat landscape straight as a ruler. however, when flying over kansas you see a patchwork quilt, an intricate jigsaw puzzle. the massive crops in varying greens and yellows look small and velvety from such high elevation.
in driving you get a sense for mass as you experience all the parts that make a place what it is - yet you miss the whole picture. although, there is an exception to my theory: the grand canyon. even at such height you know the thing is massive- or shall i say grand? the landscape leading up to the canyon is blaa - mostly a pale yellow - the desert landscape of southwestern colorado. then all of a sudden bam! a paint box explosion of reds, oranges & ochres. even from the plane you get a sense for its depth and spread too. i've flown across the country many a time and i don't remember seeing the grand canyon so clearly. that's why i (and the french tourist sitting next to me) were plastered to the double pane porthole snapping photos:

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