Thursday, September 17, 2009

in a jellyfishes' garden

with my face pressed firmly to the glassy wall of the aquarium, i couldn't help feel as if i was stealing a glance into another world's secret dance. one word about jellyfish: trippy. watching them undulate about in the dark tank, i pondered: jellyfish are more advanced than plants, but not quite animals. are they planimals? i found no placard present to explain this however. maybe they are far more advanced than thought. who knows what the cloudy nebulae-like matter of their mysterious mantel holds? i mean really, they look pretty similar to the gaseous clouds surrounding galaxies. and isn't outer space like a giant black aquarium anyway? just think about it... who knew a trip to the long-beach aquarium would be so mind-bending.
on a less far-out level, the shapes and colors of the planimals would make a great painting subject.

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