Monday, September 21, 2009

autumn's arrival

in my humble opinion, no season can hold a flame to fall in new england: the burst of fiery colors against blue skies, the crisp-bright air, pumpkins & apples, sultry spices, cozy sweaters, the crunch of boots on fallen leaves... and it's here - hooray!

author's life update:
after a summer in portland, or and then traipsing about the whole of the u.s. for the past 5 weeks i am back in upstate new york for the next 9 months. as i get back into the flow of a "normal life" i will focus my energies on creative pursuits: video, jewelry design, painting and an etsy shop to boot. consequently this blog will go through some tweaking in the next couple months until i get things streamlined. your comments on upcoming design changes are much appreciated!

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