Wednesday, July 29, 2009

public transit = encounters with the odd

its fair to say that i've spent a good chunk of time on some form of public transit while traveling - which means i've been witness to some pretty interesting folk. there was the guy who "played" a toy flute the entirety of a train ride from santa barbara to orange county, or those characters who feel it is their destiny to relay the intricacies of their life story to you on late night greyhound rides, overly aggressive lesbian advances on seattle buses, sharing seats with livestock on the 'chicken buses' of central america... the list goes on. its rare i actually document such encounters because i am either trying to sleep, trying to read, or pretending i don't speak english. however, i have this little memento from an upstate ny to nyc amtrak. this man, quietly strumming a ukulele, seemed gentle, non-threatening and had a phenomenal overbite.

my writing is messy and a bit blurred, if curious it says:
"the peculiar looking man who strummed a ukulele throughout the train ride to nyc. i think other passengers were getting annoyed. after all, he wasn't very good - but i still found the disjointed strumming quaint. he had the look of an old poet/blues man. every now and then he rambles 'ohh yeah baby' from beneath his monumental jowls & intense overbite."

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