Monday, July 6, 2009

greetings from lala land!

a pink peony arrangement from the farmer's market. i love the dark vs light hue contrast here. i'm not sure what the other flower is - but i totally dig its deep black cherry color against pale pink.

well as you can see my postings slowed down a bit last week. there are a couple contributing factors for this. 1. holiday = vacation, this means from computers too. 2. not only have i wished america a very happy birthday but, 3. i got ... engaged (!) and thus resulted in my prompt arrival to the happy state of lala land - a brain vacation destination. now that i have come back down to earth i will be carrying on with business as usual (if posting pretty pictures on the internet is, in fact 'business'.)

i've also realized the good news: i get to plan a wedding - the bad news? i get to plan a wedding - something that most surprisingly i haven't given much thought to before. however, the design element of a wedding could be an interesting avenue for creative expression. i am hoping to make the affair simple, handmade and unique to bill and me - not a materialistic explosion of tulle and overpriced flowers, we'll see how well that goes. i am officially entering the bewildering year of 'the nearly-wed'. looks like another category will soon be added to this blog. stay tuned - live long and prosper.

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