Tuesday, July 14, 2009

exploring flutter's clutter

it is an understatement when i say 'there are some pretty sweet shops in portland'. one such place prime for exploration is flutter located on the hipster enclave that is north mississippi ave. i get lost in it's awesomeness for hours as i browse an assortment of vintage dresses in fanciful colors. collections of vintage postcards, stamps, keys, and all sorts of beautiful randomness create little still-life moments all over the place. typically a copious use of taxidermy gives me the heeby-jeebies but they totally pull it off with a comical air! i imagine that flutter would be the outcome if lolita and a disgruntled anthropologie employee decided to take an acid trip together in some theatrical, well-traveled old aunt's attic and perhaps teal paint was added for good pleasure... i mean measure. in other words: this place rocks!

these mannequin ladies are wearing creations by 'urchin'

so many possibilities !

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