Wednesday, June 10, 2009

on pesca-flexi-tarianism

it was surprisingly easy to practice vegetarianism in syracuse. because the simplest way to cut back on your carbon footprint is to cut back on meat intake - i gave it a shot. what started out as an experiment in seeing how hard it is to cut meat out of a diet, quietly became the standard overnight.
however, i'm not calling myself a vegetarian, rather a "flexitarian". giving myself some leeway made for the smooth transition. i'm not about to get dogmatic over what is, after all, a dietary choice. the truth is, the longer i abstained from meat the less and less i desired it. and then i got to portland. its not that i want steak or chicken - i want fish. fresh and delicious fish. i know that this is not helping the carbon footprint any, but as long as i can have relatively local, wild caught seafood - every now and then - i am satisfied.

here is the first real meal i cooked in p-town (at a hostel none the less):

-steamed artichoke
-arugula & cherry tomato salad w/ lemon & high qual. e.v.o.o.
-herbed cous-cous stuffed salmon
-paired with a burgundian-style chardonnay


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