Tuesday, June 30, 2009

layers in gouache

i did this little painting/sketch while reading the gorgeously written novel white oleander. the author janet fitch poetically creates vivid, seductive imagery with her words. i was practically teeming with inspiration and had to release it:

the medium i used is gouache (rhymes with squash), a paint that is somewhere between watercolor and acrylic. and i am diggin it. this type of paint is awesome for many reasons: rich in color yet amazing for thin washes, you don't need much pigment, its water soluble and super transportable - basically perfect for a nomadic artist like myself.

e.cobb: when the layers come off, 12x8 gouache & charcoal on paper.

Friday, June 26, 2009

fennel & rhubarb united

summer is here and there is no hiding that fact - especially at the farmer's market. it seems that deep purple and red foods are currently stealing the show: cherries, beets, strawberries, currants and ...rhubarb. i wanted to do something other than pie or cobbler with the vibrant fuschia stalks so i came up with this invention: roasted fennel & rhubarb salad

now wait, its more exciting than it sounds, here's what's going on:
the roasted fennel and rhubarb mounts an arugula base, with chunks of english stilton blue cheese, walnuts, finished with a rich-grassy olive oil, cracked pepper and salt to taste. its rich, fresh, tart, sweet & salty all at once!

ze method of ze roast:
to start it all off i roasted the fennel and rhubarb in an oven with olive oil, fresh thyme, a drizzling of balsamic vinegar, and a generous sprinkling of brown sugar (over the rhubarb only). after the fennel gets nicely caramelized on the edges its good to go. its amazing how roasting food enhances flavors; the fennel goes from being less licorice-y to rich like pine-nuts. and the rhubarb's bite is mellowed out to sweet citrus flavors with berry notes. yum yum.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

simple elegance

this picture is so simple yet it feels so dramatic and stunning at the same time. like a breath of fresh air... [this is not my image, i don't have the info to credit it unfortunately - it came from a post card i got somewhere in nyc.]

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

in the city of roses

for those of you in the dark, portland's infamous moniker is "the city of roses". a walk through the international rose test garden proved the title to be more than accurate. ready to get bombarded with roses?

i felt like alice in wonderland... as usual.

i actually had to lower the saturation on many shots.

the roses have entertaining names like 'reba mcentire', 'love's first blush', and 'pillow fight'. given the opportunity i'd name that wildly red & white tie-dyed rose after jerry garcia or jackson pollock.

the after party.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

she found in prague

another black and white print i took during my time in prague. this fabulous sculpture of the female form was found in a park.

e.cobb: she, black & white photo

Thursday, June 18, 2009

bill when i'm not looking.

have you ever tried to draw something without looking at the paper? or drawn without picking up the pen or pencil? doing so can create some pretty interesting results, not to mention its entertainment value. i employed both techniques in a portrait of my lovely:

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

cherry pick

cloyingly dark, bursting with lip staining juice, a little tart yet sweet enough to keep you reaching for more... yes i'm talking about black cherries and they are my newest addiction. fresh off local fields and sold at the market - who knew cherries could actually be this good?

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

pot heads

these are comical terra-cotta planters i came across while exploring granada, nicaragua. love the cactus hair styles. this must be central america's answer to the chia pet.

Monday, June 15, 2009

sally sells...

seashells = summer

edward weston two shells (1927)

e. cobb seashell composition, pencil on paper

e.cobb seashells, colored pencil on paper

Friday, June 12, 2009

a wooden horse

here is a life size sculpture of a horse made entirely of what appears to be drift wood. he resides in the portland art museum's sculpture garden. the pieces of 'wood' twist organically like muscles or bone and are so perfectly placed that the thing looks strangely life-like. i wouldn't be surprised if he comes alive when no one's looking.

deborah butterfield: dance horse. bronze w/ pigmented patina

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

on pesca-flexi-tarianism

it was surprisingly easy to practice vegetarianism in syracuse. because the simplest way to cut back on your carbon footprint is to cut back on meat intake - i gave it a shot. what started out as an experiment in seeing how hard it is to cut meat out of a diet, quietly became the standard overnight.
however, i'm not calling myself a vegetarian, rather a "flexitarian". giving myself some leeway made for the smooth transition. i'm not about to get dogmatic over what is, after all, a dietary choice. the truth is, the longer i abstained from meat the less and less i desired it. and then i got to portland. its not that i want steak or chicken - i want fish. fresh and delicious fish. i know that this is not helping the carbon footprint any, but as long as i can have relatively local, wild caught seafood - every now and then - i am satisfied.

here is the first real meal i cooked in p-town (at a hostel none the less):

-steamed artichoke
-arugula & cherry tomato salad w/ lemon & high qual. e.v.o.o.
-herbed cous-cous stuffed salmon
-paired with a burgundian-style chardonnay


Tuesday, June 9, 2009

costa rican inspiration

these pages where put together while living in costa rica - rip, tape & scribble. some of the sketches are mine. however, i came across an art gallery pamphlet in san jose and was inspired by the painterly style of some local artists.
(click on the images to see close up)

Monday, June 8, 2009

charlotte's last dance

some may think spiders are icky-scary. if this is your situation, i suggest taking a closer look instead of retreating in terror - they are actually amazing.

e.cobb: charlotte's last dance, 12x8" watercolor pencil on paper.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

'gorge's' wildflowers

good thing we decided to go hiking in the gorge during peak wildflower season. its nothing short of miraculous to be surrounded by millions of flowers - ones that just grow there naturally without being primped and prodded, hence the 'wild' factor. huge thanks to bill for snapping these shots, i was too overwhelmed with beauty to try and capture the scenery.

super cool hiker outfit.

flowers as big as your hand!

look closely: mt. st. helen's tip is on the horizon

totally surrounded by awesomeness