Wednesday, May 6, 2009

artist v. muse dichotomy

this evening i will pose for a figure drawing workshop, thus inspiring todays post. it feels timely to share some work i've done on the other side of the easel. i'm not sure i would be comfortable modeling if it hadn't been for my experience as artist first. in an artist's mind, the figure before you is just that: a landscape, a composition, a starting point comprised of lines, shapes, contours, shade and light... it is not at all personal or sexual. in fact, from the model's perspective, the experience is intensely empowering: knowing that you are igniting creative expression in others. you hear a flurry of pencils and charcoal madly scratching upon paper as you are immortalized. i highly recommend trying it sometime, if not for the rush, than for the $30/hour pay.

these are all quick sketches (under 5 min. poses) made with pencil on paper.

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