Monday, April 20, 2009

tropical pasta salad for a rainy day...

its a blustery day here in syracuse so i made this tropical pasta salad to inspire that warm-irie feeling thanks to pappardelle's pasta's "calypso blend" (mango-peach, lime, & red chili flavored shells) and half a papaya i had laying around.
pretty simple to make...
-1 cup red peppers
-1 serrano hot pepper (more if you like spice - less if not)
-half a papaya
-1/2 cup scallions
-1 cup cilantro (coriander)
mix the above with:
-juice from 2 limes
-2 tbls olive oil
-1 can black beans
-1/2 lb al-dente cooked pasta
the blend i used has mango-peach, lime, & red chili flavored pasta shells
-salt & cracked pepper to taste
*i added some chili flakes to kick it up a notch.
this dish is not for those who can't stand when different foods mix on their plate. the key here is the lime juice & cilantro which bring harmony to the dish... so sit back, relax, put on some roots reggae and enjoy...spring is coming.

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